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  • Will DentVac fit our chair?
    Yes, the DentVac has been designed to attach to any chair with a flat surface, such as the back. Depending on your chairs' make and model, it may be necessary to attach to an alternative location like the bottom of the delivery unit. In smaller operatories, the attachment plate can even be mounted to an adjacent countertop or to another solid surface.
  • What is the size and shape of the nozzle?
    The nozzle is a narrow rectangular slit, to offer increased suction in a small area. We designed the nozzle to get as close to the patient's mouth as possible without getting in the way of the clinicians and their instruments. This design provides the greastest amount of dental suction.
  • Do you need to disinfect the unit?
    The DentVac only needs to be wiped with a surface disinfectant between uses. It is not autoclavable.
  • Does The DentVac eliminate all aerosols?
    The DentVac is designed to capture bulk amounts of aerosols and droplets. As with any extra-oral suction, there will always be some remnants of aerosols in the environment. Upon patient dismissal, sterilize the operatory appropriately.
  • Where do the aerosols end up?
    Aerosols collected by the DentVac will travel to the office dental vacuum system.
  • Do you accept Paypal payments?
    Yes! We are able to accept payments through Paypal, Debit and Credit Card payments.
  • What is the cost of shipping?
    The cost of shipping if FREE in the U.S. For international shipping, there is a flat rate of $100
  • Does the DentVac need both HVE's to work?
    Using both HVE's will provide the most dental suction but you can use just one if you need the 2nd HVE for the isolite or similiar device.

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