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Product Information

Safe - Cuts aerosol, Works at source, Vents outside

  • Remove airborne contaminants

  • Protects doctors, hygienists, assistants, and patients

  • Improves patient experience without aerosol spray, sucking tongue or cheek

  • Efficiently removes aerosol and splatter at the source

  • Directly transfers aerosol from the operatory to the outside

  • Combines up to 2 HVEs with a wide vacuum head, for a greater rate of aerosol capture

Ergonomic - Comfortable, Compact, Hands-free

  • Doesn’t block access and vision

  • Operates hands-free and quietly

  • No bulky, noisy machine in the way

  • Flexibly adjusts to any position

Easy - Fast install, Easy clean, No machine

  • Arrives pre-assembled and ready to use

  • Installs in a few minutes to any HVE port

  • No additional filtration system equipment required

  • Cleans up quickly

  • Compact convenient storage

Affordable - Low price, No maintenance, No filters

  • Fraction of the price of other aerosol suction systems

  • No assistant required

  • No expensive equipment

  • No maintenance

  • No need to purchase filters or refills

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